Emotional unintelligence

Mr man, u make her cry and u think it’s fine ,just because u were a victim of a road she didn’t ply.

She does it all everything she has to do, and more. You marvel at her efforts , but u Mr man still choose to repay her with stupidity. 

Is it her fault Cupid struck her?

Is it her fault u deceived her?

Is it her fault she is a woman,and is swept off by what she hears?
She never even wanted to know u!

She was happy without you.

You cajoled her, and drowned her in soothing words!
You deceived her till she fell, just so u satisfy your stupidity.

A poor victim of your emotional unintelligence.

If your gratification lies in the hurt of others. 

Then You Mr.man are the weakest species after all.

 For what really makes us strong is our emotional resilience in the end.
* The toughest battle we have to fight, is between what we know and what we feel.                                              



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