The speed of Time 

Alarm beeping***⏰, mum screaming..”Kaysie!!!! ”

Oh shit!!! im late again,mum is going to kill me!! Why didnt I iron my clothes,polish my shoes, my goodness i have not even finsihed with my science homework!when did the weekend end?mum is right im the laziest person on earth. As Im finally prep’d to step out of the house and get to school I begin to think of what my excuse would be this time for my lateness. I got to school, or I thought I had because I had thinking so much,I didn’t notice I had entered the wrong place. I entered through the gates…💭💭💭but wait this is not my school! How did i get here? What is high school and how did I get here? Screams from here scolds frome there..before I could get an answer a knock brings me back to reality “herh!you dont respect start weeding,U think you have all day?!” I realised there was a cutlass in my hand and I begin weeding like I have been trained all these years for the job. But when did I even learn to weed?.Soo many scenes flash before my eyes but so vaguely and I still couldn’t get any answers. And wheres my phone I need to call my parents…but I realised I wasnt in the clothes I had early on. A scream”its P.E time!!” Caught my attention and this time I find myself in my sports gear trotting to the school’s field. Could this get any worse?whats happening?I begin to wonder..after P.E it was time to change ,I bent over to untie the lace on my sneakers and they had changed to a cute pair of Oxford’s and my phone begun to ring..Ian? Finally someone I know!I exclaim in relief..hello,hello Ian?..”hei Kaysie,u done now? come downstairs and pls dont make us late this time!”..Ian late for what come down where?jeez.. hello? Ian?..”Kaysie we are running late u can play in the car later just come out**beep*”Ian ends the call”. I manage to find my way downstairs and there was Ian all grown up looking fine as ###. I run to the car hoping to finally get answers but before I could say jack he smiles gives me a kiss “baby why do u play soo much? lets go…” after seeing the entire galaxy I finally found my words..Ian when did u grow up? Where is Mr.Asamoah?I never finished my science homework!,when did we fall in love? When did u get this car? Where are we and where are we going?…Ian-hahaha!babe ur hormones tho!u on your period again?thats twice this month!we would check it out at the doctor’s after lectures yh.cos u acting up again#kiss’smyforehead,turns down the music ok we’re here. Just be cool Kay I got u..u got some gum?”

Im totally confused but..but.. Ian im fine im very fine and dont talk about my period,how do u even know about it?#reaching into my bag for the bag had changed. Oh no!no! no!not again!! It had changed to a clutch a white clutch. And me I had changed,not just my dress had changed I couldn’t recognise myself in the mirror. When did my transition take place?why this gown? Why the preening?where from the bridesmaids? Im still a kid but why dont I look it anymore? Mum walked into the room and breaks down into tears of joy”my baby is all grown” mum dont say that pls dont!I miss you mum Where have u been iv got loadz to tell u!why am I getting married and where’s Ian?.. wiping her cheeks carefully so she didnt ruin her make up she said,”my love I was you not long ago but look im marrying u off now.”..I dont understand Ma! ..with a warm smile she sat me down calmly and said”life as you see my dear is very short”..but Ma!I said not ready for all of this how did time fly so fast?..”you are still alive my baby make the best out of life while you can.”


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