Ugly costly bag

Dear diary,12-12-14:Today I heard a discussion and it was nothing new,in my part of the world it was abhored for a girl to make the first moves on a guy. She had to be hopefully nd count on her luck praying he would notice her too..

13-12-14:Today i had no money but I bought this really costly wasn’t a pretty bag maybe a bit classy it wasnt worth my money.then why did I buy it? I never wanted to, I guess i needed to..

14-12-14:Its been a year and 5months but he still hasnt said a thing,today I watched him again silently from behind the class he is always to busy to notice me when I pass,I didn’t mean to track down the time I guess I happened to..

15-12-14:Today I went shopping,I got furious in all the stalls they didn’t have those clothes,those exact ones she wore. I saw how you stared at her and i saw she noticed too…see I never even wanted to buy those clothes I just needed a stare too..

16-12-14:Today I delayed to class, late enough to make sure everyone ,You! saw me in my new clothes. Was an hour and half into the lecture i could barely breathe these clothes adorning my body were extremely uncomofortable but I couldn’t leave. You still hadn’t seen me and the thoughts were killing me. I hoped u were ill or your pet died or..u don’t wanna know🙊 ,because you didn’t make it to class but I noticed she didn’t too😣..

17-12-14:Today the first thing i saw when i woke up was this costly bag and i made a decision to use it. I had loads of stuff that needed packing up and at least it could serve to wrap it up. But after i had to make a delivery not because I wanted to, because it was time and I had to..

21-12-14:Today after he opened the bag he thought I was a psycho,he thought I was an obsessed freak. how could someone he barely knew like him soo much he couldn’t even speak. I don’t know where I found all these pictures of him but I happened to have them..this collection in his hands was all that i lived for and I cherished them. hearing my own words made me want to puke so I made for the door.I love you! Is all I could say and I died and resurrected waiting to hear him say he did too..

24-12-14:Today i saw him and I hid, he tried sitting next to me in the bus but I got off,he left flowers on my desk but I didn’t understand,he left a note in my locker asking for my number but I was too embarrassed and I didn’t want to remember. I was a disgrace to women in my part of the world.what was I thinking? Papa would be disappointed:|.

25-12-14:Today he had been out in the cold for long so I finally let him in,besides he couldnt spend christmas on the front of my door with me pretending to not hear him. He said he had been doing some thinking and finally came to a conclusion.He wanted to be friends with hopes for the best, he smiled and said “Hi my name is Nolen.”


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