Are we fighting right?…

Ok I’m a woman. I’m a proud black African woman. Even if I’m not happy of that fact, there’s not much I can do about it. Bleaching myself till I loose every ounce of pigmentation wouldn’t change my true lineage. It will just give me mental liberation . So then if I’m going to be ‘black’ I might as well be a proud one. Lol! As a black woman, I know our fight for gender equality has been endless, especially due to the stereotypical views of women in Africa. I’m proud to be an African woman but I’m not proud of our fight.

Growing up It’s not come as a stranger to me when I hear of gender equality, feminism, we are all equal! Bla,bla, bla… the list is endless . But in our patriotic fight to sabotage men for our rights, have really given a thought to this question. Are we really equal? I mean, hey before I bore you out don’t get me wrong, at least read on to the end of the next sentence maybe I’d make some sense to u. Since It seems making sense is virtue I’m short of. Iv been told that the place for a woman is in the kitchen, she needs an able man to take care of her. All she needs to do to pay for her comfort is to become literally his “domestic slave”.  This to me, personally is highly contextual. Most people who share contrary views to this are often people who have attained some level of comfort in their lives. They have their views geared towards some perspective of a sort ,and can’t think anything otherwise. A 21st century woman, tho illiterate would embrace such a claim without disputing. Another 21st century lady, however literate ..would not be able to bear the thoughts of such a claim. Do the disparities then lie between literacy, illiteracy or level of literacy? My take on gender equality is centered on women being worshipped as “kitchen goddesses” because it’s often the spark that starts the flame. Woman are not equal to men, we never have and we never will be! The earlier we acknowledge that fact the better it will be for us all. I’m a staunch egalitarian , but not a strong feminist. I’m a Christian , my belief I would say, to an extent doesn’t condone such movements.

I used to not be bothered about such things, but I realized women are becoming more and more comfortable being equal. I believe what we should be striving at attaining is equity. Yes!, gender equity. That’s a fair deal. Gender equality means we are to be treated in the same way and manner in all things. How is this even possible when from the very beginning our bodies are not equal, our emotional competences are not equal, our physical strengths are not, our ways of life are not, our interests are not, our choice of clothen are not, we don’t even want to be treated the same when it comes to certain tasks or job offers or applications just because we feel it won’t be fair .Equality aims to promote fairness, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same help. So lets just be realistic, we just can’t be equal. But giving everyone what they need to be successful, ensuring fairness, taking measures to compensate for women’s historical and social disadvantages and making sure women understand their gender roles, not stereotypes thus prefer to play relevant societal roles …equity. Then and only then, EQUITY will eventually lead to EQUALITY . So I ask again 



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    1. 😍😍😍😍OMG !!!!
      I’m so privileged to have read such a wonderful piece.
      Your views and perspective on these social issues aren’t bad at all.

      Gracias senorita

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    2. Exactly my thoughts.In their quest to be equal, many women seek to become the same as men, which doesn’t make sense to me. We are different, but that shouldn’t stop us from treating each other fairly because of gender. There’s a lot I would love to rant about, but let me just leave it to this 🙂

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    3. Egalitarianism is definitely the means to bridge the gender gap and not feminism. Beautiful piece. 👌🏾


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