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How to make a peel off face mask at home.

Ok so I’m not a beauty blogger. Lol! But here’s a pretty simple and cost effective beauty tip I found and thought it could be useful. Soooo… moving on erm I’m not going to say to much,( because I’m known to be a talker🤷🏽‍♀️) ,I’d just move straight to what you are here for. Lol! 

To begin, what’s a facial anyway? A facial is a beauty/ skin care treatment for the face. Including steam, exfoliation, extraction,facial masks etc. They are normally performed in beauty salons and spas. In this post, I’ll not just be writing on how to make a face mask. I thought I’d just go through the whole procedure, on how to apply/use  it after making it for a complete facial treatment. All in the comfort of your homes.☺️ Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with your skin care concerns. The right face mask can help in hydrating the skin, removing excess oils, improve the appearance of facial pores and help pull out impurities. 

Things you’ll need

Oats( cooked), lemon, olive oil, egg white, a bowl of hot water( PLS PLS BECAREFUL WITH THIS), face wipes, face masks, lotion.

Now let’s get to the main deal🔥Drumroll pls🥁…. 

Step 1- steam

Our very first step would be to clean our faces with face wipes or a warm wet towel ,to make sure we get rid of all dirt. To start steaming, we would get our bowl of hot water. Now, carefully bend slightly over the bowl of hot water. (No DIRECT CONTACT ❌). The bend should be close enough to allow the steam from the hot water to reach your face yet avoid scalding or burning your face. Do this for 5-7 mins. This process allows your facial pores open up and also deep cleanses your  tissues.

Step 2

The next step is masking. 

In a large bowl mix together one teaspoon of olive oil, about 5-7 drops of lemon juice, ½ a cup of cooked and cooled oatmeal and the egg white. You can use a wooden spoon for this. Keep mixing till the mixture becomes really smooth. After this, evenly apply the mixture on your face. Gently rub the mask on your face in a circular motion, making sure to reach all parts of your face. After, leave the mask on for 20mins, before peeling it off.mmm… (What to do with yourself for the next 20mins with a treatment mask on your face?lol 🤔any ideas?) . When your time is finally up, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water. Be sure to rinse the mask off completely because the eggs would make you feel a bit sticky and discomfy.

Step 3

Ok, we sooo are almost through the entire process. Flawless skin is on its way!  #yaaay! . Told you it was quick and easy 😁. After rinsing , by now your face should be clear without any mask residue. If so, your face should be feeling pretty smooth( I got the same effect post-facial). Apply a hydrating lotion on your face, to prevent your skin drying up and VOALÀ!!

Thank you! Hope you found this as useful as I did. 


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