🐓 sauce 

Hi guys, so I decided to share a post on how I prepare one of my favorite meals. Rice and chicken sauce. 😋 In this post however , I’ll be focusing only on how to get the sauce done. 

P.S-I’m not a professional cook, I just thought this was worth a share. Sooo…. let’s get started😊.Ingredients 

Shredded Chicken 

Chopped Onions

Chopped Bell pepper

Chopped Carrots


Soy sauce

Brown Sugar(optional)

Garlic and ginger powder 



Apple cider vinegar( optional)


 Shred your chicken in tiny pieces and in a large bowl marinate it using pepper,onions,garlic, ginger,salt and any other seasoning or spice of your choice. Should be done to suite your taste. Allow mixture to sit for about 30mins. In order to allow the chicken properly absorb the seasoning. 

After this, pour some oil into a heated frying pan , and leave to become hot. When this’s is done evenly pour about 3 table spoons of flour into the oil, following quickly with your shredded chicken. Make sure to place the chicken one after the other, and leave them spaced out. 

Fry until it’s golden to dark brown. ( I nearly got mine burnt 😂). And in the end you should get something like what’s in the image above. When u are done frying the chicken, take them out of the frying pan. And pour some of the oil out. 

With just a little of the same oil you used in frying the chicken, sauté your vegetables for about 2mins. Carrots go in first (because they are harder) and about a minute later your onions  and finally, your green pepper. Generally veggies shouldn’t stay long on fire no matter what you cooking 🔥. 

So after quickly sautéing your veggies. Pour them out of the frying pan  and now you can turn the fire off for a bit. 

Making the sauce-  this step is practically the most easiest,  but quite technical. In a mixing bowl, add 4 teaspoons of flour, a teaspoon of sugar(optional) , a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a some water. Now you just whisk the mixture, until you obtain a smooth consistency throughout. Your mixture shouldn’t be thick, it should just about the consistency of liquid milk. This’s because the flour would thicken once it gets on the fire. After whisking it all up, place your pan back on fire(low heat) and allow to get hot. When this’s done pour ur mixture into the pan and stir continuously to avoid sticking and thickening. If your sauce gets too thick you can add a little more water. Moving on, you add you fried shredded chicken to the sauce after it’s gotten thick enough and keep stir the mixture for about a minute. This will allow the chicken to absorb the sauce and become juicier 😋. You then add your veggies to the chicken sauce and stir that as well. By now your sauce is already almost done cooking, and wouldn’t need to sit long on the fire. In less than 2 mins your sauce should be cooked and ready to serve…🍲. 

Special thanks– The chicken that helped to make this meal a success . And of course to my hungry self. 😁

        🌸THANKS Y’all. Kindly comment how it turns out when u try it.


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  1. ,You really go into details with this preparation. I’m not used to measurements when cooking, so if I’m to go by yours, I hope it goes well. :-). Anyway I just got hungry by looking at the sauce, and I blame you for that

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