The speed of Time 


Alarm beeping***⏰, mum screaming..”Kaysie!!!! ”

Oh shit!!! im late again,mum is going to kill me!! Why didnt I iron my clothes,polish my shoes, my goodness i have not even finsihed with my science homework!when did the weekend end?mum is right im the laziest person on earth. As Im finally prep’d to step out of the house and get to school I begin to think of what my excuse would be this time for my lateness. I got to school, or I thought I had because I had thinking so much,I didn’t notice I had entered the wrong place. I entered through the gates…💭💭💭but wait this is not my school! How did i get here? What is high school and how did I get here? Screams from here scolds frome there..before I could get an answer a knock brings me back to reality “herh!you dont respect start weeding,U think you have…

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